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More About Longhaulers

In Longhaulers, artists Amelia Briggs and Alysha Irisari Malo talk about identity, dedication, womanhood, and the various ways that artists are nurtured by community. Read on to learn more about the artists and check out some of their work.

Amelia Briggs is a painter whose 3D "Inflatables" (like "Level 4" above) playfully riff on the rich visual cues of cartoons, coloring books, and comics. We can just almost make out a familiar shape or figure before it alludes our desire for narrative. Visit Amelia's website to learn more about her work, and check out her podcast con·fab·u·late for more conversations with artists. You can keep up with what she's programming at David Lusk Gallery in Wedgewood-Houston here.

Alysha Irisari Malo integrates multiple mediums into her practice, including photography, etching, poetry, and painting. On Longhaulers, Alysha talks about a time in early motherhood when she felt uncertain as an artist. She would walk around Wedgewood-Houston with her son, taking pictures of anything that caught her eye. At the time, it was just a way to stay engaged with some kind of a visual language, but the photographs led her to a new way of artmaking: abstract photography married with poetry (like "Instinct" above). I love this story because it demonstrates so well what so many clichés aspire to teach us: that in seeking a way out, we can find a way in. Check out Alysha's website for more information and images of her work.

Interested in learning more about CONVERGE, Alysha and Eric's organization profiled at the start of the episode? Learn more at the collective's Facebook page.

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