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WeHome Launches!

Welcome to WeHome! We're so glad you're here.

WeHome is a storytelling podcast with a twist. Instead of me doing the interviews and leading the discussion, community members interview each other. If you haven't yet, go on over to our podcast page and check out The Lorax. Anna Zeitlin interviews a longtime resident of Wedgewood Houston named Bill Perkins.

Anna is the gallery manager at Zeitgeist, a contemporary art gallery in Wedgewood Houston. She's also a Nashville native, the co-founder of Fashion Happening Nashville, and a milliner. You can check out her hats in her online shop, Fanny & June. (More about all of that in the episode!)

Bill tells Anna the story of South Nashville Action People (SNAP), a neighborhood advocacy organization he co-founded in the late '70s. I dug up this photo at the SNAP center of Bill with the other founders, Eva (left), Joyce (center), and Louise (right). Isn't he handsome? Please listen to their story. It will change the way you see Nashville.

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