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Welcome To WeHome

Listen to a preview of the neighborhood podcast that gets strangers talking.

episode 1
EPISODE 1: The Lorax

In 1976, Bill Perkins accidentally attended a block party in a Nashville neighborhood that the city had all but given up on. He liked it so much that he moved in and co-founded a game-changing neighborhood action committee that still exists today. Anna Zeitlin is a hatmaker and art gallery manager who interviews Bill in The Lorax.

episode 2
EPISODE 2: Memory Keepers

For Frank Whitmore, music helped him find faith in prison. Now's he's home and living in Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry's transitional house in Wedgewood-Houston. Audra Almond-Harvey, the director of the artspace abrasiveMedia, interviews Frank and talks about her own spiritual journey in Memory Keepers. 

episode 3
EPISODE 3: The Bridge

Growing up in the 1950s, Ms. Leola Cullom remembers South Nashville as a haven, but forces outside her control have caused major changes to the neighborhood she loves. A young singer named Andrea Evans is determined to have a hand in turning things back around. She interviews Ms. Leola and shares her own memories in The Bridge. 

episode 4
EPISODE 4: Long-haulers

Artist Amelia Briggs exiled herself to a small Michigan town to figure out if she had the dedication to pursue a career in art. Now, she is the director of Nashville's outpost of David Lusk Gallery, and she talks to fellow artist Alysha Irisari Malo, the co-founder of a new arts organization in Wedgewood-Houston. With CONVERGE, Alysha and her husband, Eric, are bringing neighbors and developers to the table together. 

Anchor 1
EPISODE 5: Big-Picture People

When Mena Gamil and Makarious Mesak were assigned a project in their freshman seminar at LEAD Academy, they wanted to finish the quarter with a good grade. But the teens were swept away by a big idea: solar sidewalks. They led the class in a project proposal that got the attention of the local leaders, and learned that even as teenagers, they could have a voice in how the city grows. Betsy Littrell, an architect and sustainability advocate, interviews Mena and Makarious and takes us on a tour of her tiny urban farm. 

Episode 6
EPISODE 6: Trendsetters

Joe Bradford had already survived poverty, prison, and kidney disease when a little girl asked him to be her father. Now, "Papa" Joe runs a ministry called Elijah's Heart out of the community center in J.C. Napier Place homes, and he coordinates efforts to feed hungry kids and their families in South Nashville and around the city. He is interviewed by Joshua Martin, a rapper who grew up in the community and is using his music to uplift youth. 

episode 7
EPISODE 7: Unicorns

What happens when you put a developer and an affordable housing activist in the room together? Odessa Kelly is the director of Napier Recreation Center and a leader in the movement for affordable housing and economic equity in Nashville. She interviews Ed Henley, a Nashville native who has worked with the city on large civic projects such as Music City Center and Tennessee State Museum. They find common ground in Unicorns. 

EPISODE 8: Treasure Hunters

Brent Coursey has always had a passion for breathing new life into old things. He opened Woodstock Vintage Lumber in 1996 and moved to Wedgewood-Houston a few years later. He tells the Woodstock story to Ann Clawson, who opened Clawson's Pub and Deli in 2014 with her husband, Jens. Ann also has a knack for making old things shine, and her restaurant is as comforting as a grandmother's living room. Meet Brent, Ann, and a slew of small businesses in Treasure Hunters. 

EPISODE 9: The Mentors

Ruben Torres moved to the South Nashville from Mexico with his family when he was in fifth grade, and they quickly met up with some do-gooders who were out to help families in need. Now, Ruben is the head roaster and youth mentor at Humphreys Street Coffee and Soap Company,which hires neighborhood high school students to learn the trade. Sterling Wright is a rising star chef who still comes back to the community where he grew up to be a positive role model for kids. He works with his friend Larry Turner to address some of the community's biggest issues, like poverty, hunger, and violence. 

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