WeHome gets strangers talking in the rapidly changing Nashville neighborhoods of Wedgewood Houston, Chestnut Hill and Napier. We ask people to tour each other’s lives and tell each other stories, and we capture their interactions on a podcast. Now that the season has wrapped, we’ve pair visual artists with community members to create something based on the WeHome episodes that speak to them most. Our work will culminate with a community celebration at WeHome Day.

Artist Amelia Briggs exiled herself to a small Michigan town to figure out if she had the commitment to pursue a career in art. 

Odessa Kelly, an affordable housing activist, interviews Ed Henley, a developer. Will they find common ground?

Two Chestnut Hill students have a new, sustainable plan for the neighborhood: solar sidewalks. 

Brent Coursey has always had a passion for breathing new life into old things––and this extends to the neighborhood.

For over 70 years, Ms. Leola Cullom has watched forces beyond her control change the neighborhood she loves. She hasn't given up hope.

Joe Bradford had already survived poverty, prison, and kidney disease when a little girl asked him to be her father. 

Ruben Torres is empowering young people, one cup of coffee at a time.




WeHome is a collaboration between the contemporary art gallery Seed Space and Nashville Metro Planning Department. It is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts' Our Town program and by Nashville Public Television.